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When will Lingobotics be ready?

Lingbotics is currently in closed beta and we're aiming to launch the first open beta version by mid July 2023. Please join the waitlist to be notified.

What is Lingobotics?

Lingbotics is a no-code AI chatbot builder that allows anyone to train a custom ChatGPT-like bot using their own data and then embed the bot on a website. Lingobotics allows for full control over what the bot can and can't respond with when interacting with your audience.

What features are in the beta version?

Currently you can create AI Chatbots using your own data in and embed the bots on the web. You can edit the bot name, basic personality parameters and tweak the bot styling.

What features are you planning to add?

Near-term features include updated subscription plans, additional document types & data sources, detailed chat logs, analytics and chat sentiment. We're also working on inline embed widgets, escalating chats to a human agents, API access, integrations and link sharing. Keep an eye out for updates on progress via email and on our social media channels.

How do you handle language translation?

You can upload your training data in any language and users can interact with the bot in multiple languages without you having to do manual translations of the underlying data. We allow you to select one default language and up to 25 additional languages for users to choose from when they initiate a chat.

What languages are supported?

Technically Lingobotics can operate in up to 100 languages but we're limiting the selection to the following list as they are proven to have the highest accuracy at the moment:

Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian & Vietnamese

What data can I use to train the bot?

Currently we support uploading PDF files containing selectable text and we'll soon add additional file types, web URL's and integrations with apps like Google Docs, Dropbox and Notion.

Does Lingobotics use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?

All plans use GPT-3.5-turbo as it currently offers the best performance at the most cost effective price point. We will add GPT-4 as an optional add-on to Pro and Premium plans in future.

Do you have an API?

Yes, our API will be made available on the Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans once we are out of beta.

I'd like to speak to your team, who can I contact?

We would love to hear from you, feel free to contact us or send us an email ->

How do I add a chatbot to my website?

Simply follow our step-by-step guide on embedding a bot using the generated embed code. It's incredibly simple!


What does Lingobotics cost?

Lingobotics will be completely free during beta while we tweak the application and add more valuable features. Once we launch v1 there will be 3 subscription tiers ranging from $19 to $299 per month with discounted pricing when signing up for an annual subscription.

Is there a free plan?

No, we let you try out Lingobotics on a free trial for 14 days. The free trial features are based on the Starter plan and if you want to use any of the Pro or Premium features or exceed the free trial file / traffic limits you will need to sign up for a paid subscription.

What happens when my trial expires?

Any bots you embedded on a website or shared as a link will be hidden and stop working. Simply add a paid subscription to instantly re-activate your bots. We'll store your bots and settings for up to 6 months after your trial expires.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you can get two months free by purchasing an annual subscription.

Do you have a partner program?

We are working on a referral program and actively looking for partners to help us grow the Lingobotics community. If you are interested to discuss opportunities please get in touch.


Where are my uploaded documents stored?

Your uploaded documents and training data are handled with utmost care and security. They are stored in our database, which is powered by a Cloud platform known for its robust security measures. This ensures that your data is not only stored securely, but also managed in a way that respects your privacy.

In addition to this, any content that is extracted from your documents is stored in a specialised vector database. A vector database is designed to handle complex data structures efficiently, providing another layer of secure storage for your data.

These measures are in place to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data, demonstrating our commitment to data security and privacy.

Who has access to my uploaded documents or training data?

Access to uploaded data is strictly limited to you and your created bots. We have designed our system in such a way that all data is stored in separate indexes and not shared across different accounts or bots.

Does my data get shared with OpenAI?

Lingobotics uses the OpenAI API for its services. As stated in OpenAI’s API data usage policies, OpenAI does not use API submitted data to develop or improve its services. Any data sent through the API will be retained for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted (unless otherwise required by law).

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